Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 15: On the way home!

Dear all

The team are all safely checked in and on the way home!

It has been a pleasure to work with all the students and teachers from Sackville School. You should all be very proud.

We hope to have another team return in the future- we know that the people in Malawi also feel the same. Thank you for all the hard work and fundraising too.

We hope you enjoy hearing all their stories and looking through the pictures when they return!

Do keep in touch with us via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page:  'Inspire Worldwide'

From all at Inspire Worldwide 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 14: Last day in Malawi

Dear all

No official blog tonight as the group have had an early night ready for their flight home tomorrow!

After a walk up to 'Queen's View' on the Zomba Plateau this morning the team headed back to Blantyre and Fisherman's Rest for their last night together in Malawi.

It will be a sad farewell to this amazing country tomorrow... But we know they can't wait to see you all.

We will update you once they are safely on the plane and headed home!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 13: Safari and Zomba

Yo home, having the best time on safari and now in Zomba having had amazing meal at Ku Chawe Inn at the top of the plateau.

We were so lucky on the safari with having so many close encounters with the animals ( literally ten metres away!!!) 

Best buffet last night to end all the hard work, and cant wait to eat more when home!   

From the poo crew

Tom - dad bring money for Macy D's Please!! Love you all 

StAn - mum, still leading with 12, and got a sick story to tell u about me and nick In a tent surrounded by elephants, love you lotss

harry- ate a bloody hot chillie today ( hottest in Malawi , YOLO) melted like a ice cream in a oven, love you all, can't wait to see you

Daisy- yo FAM plus extension :) hope the holiday is awful without me ... Jks , see ya when you get back !! I had an amazing time on safari and saw so many elephants - THEIR THE COOLEST THINGS EVER!! Dont do to much else with out me :) love you guys x

Josie - please could you bring my phone and headphones 

Pheobie - DO NOT TURN ON MY PHONE, and you don't need to charge it just bring it! And I miss Sarah loads&loads

Erin- the safari was amazing and I can't wait to show you all the photos I took:) please can we stop and get Costa on the way home from the airport? That's the only thing I can think of that I'm going to want at 6 in the morning. Its freezing here and I'm so glad I packed my hoodie,  Miss you and love you lots xox 

Chorlène- hey Elixir, yes we were very lucky, we had an amazing time on safari and I got to take lots of pictures to show you when I'm back! I miss you all so much and I can't wait to see you again. Lots and lots of love from Chorlène xxx

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Day 12: Safari at Liwonde National Park

First day at safari was great, many animals were seen such as hippos, elephants, crocodiles, waterbucks etc. 

After a rather emotional departure of the village, the safari is just what we needed. 

Seeing the sun set was amazing, the views and photos captured were incredible. Sad to say this trip is coming to an end :(

Where we are sleeping for the night is such a difference compared to the village. Running water, china plates and a 3 course meal. The main meal being chicken. 

An exciting event had occurred in the camp tonight as elephants walked through where our tents are pitched. It was an exciting experience - the Malawian safari guides and guards made sure we were all safe though.

Knowing our trip has only 2 final full days is daunting but I'm sure we will all make the most of it. Best experience. 

Chilling by the campfire now, relaxing and taking everything in!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 11: Blogposts

From the teachers:

Hello everyone, a quick message from the teachers! We've been having a fantastic time too and are so proud of what the students have achieved in tandem with the community - they really have made a great contribution as you have hopefully seen from the photos. 

We have just said our goodbyes to the village in the leaving ceremony (which I'm sure the student blog writers will tell you about later), so we thought this would be a good time to describe what our daily life in the village has been like:

We normally wake around 6am and do a couple of water runs down to the pump around 200m from our complex with the students to fill up the cooking, shower and drinking water for the day. Then we settle down to a breakfast of phala (porridge) and coffee around 7am and then head out to the project site at 8am.

The sun is already warming up by this point, and we often begin with the necessary jobs of fetching more water for the construction site or brick lining, which consists of passing a huge pile of bricks hand by hand closer to where they are needed. Thankfully these rather dull tasks are often enhanced no end by lots of singing and 'interesting' conversations from your loved ones!

This is normally followed by a much needed 10am break, featuring the very popular mendazis (a sugarless doughnut) often covered with enough sugar to give you diabetes just looking at it! These breaks have been growing longer in recent days as energy levels have been sagging...

We then work up until lunch around 12 which has consisted of rice, beans, veg and nsema. Nsema is a staple food here which can only be described as tasteless, rubbery mash!

We then go back to afternoon work which has been jobs such as pointing, liming, cement mixing, brick laying, painting and making school resources. Cooks and teachers sneak off around 4 for first dibs in the shower whilst everyone else fights over the shower rota (a shower being 4 jugs of cold water!).

The next couple of hours is filled with rota jobs for the students, the cooks preparing dinner and a never ending array of card games in the social area. Dinner is then served around 7, and the best treats have included soya mince, pasta, cheese and even chips on one night! Seconds, thirds, fourths and even fifths have been taken, so it is obviously been going down well!

After dinner we then have a chat about how the day has gone and then get the much anticipated blog comments! Thank you to all of you who have ensured that this event is always a highlight - and we can reassure you that even if you haven't heard back everyone appreciates the messages and they never fail to raise the spirits amongst the group.

Social time before bed has included activities such as card games, mafia, star gazing and singing. Bed time is at 9 when students retreat to their beds in the house whilst us staff roll into our tents pitched right outside
(Interesting conversations have been overheard, non of which are suitable to be repeated!)

It's then a good nights' rest before it all begins again the next day. 

We are now looking forward to safari and fingers are crossed for hippos, crocs and elephants.

Overall we have been so impressed with the students, and a special thanks to the Inspire Workdwide Team Leaders, Jack and Louise, who have been so engaging, energetic and organised throughout.

Keep the comments coming and we look forward to seeing you at Heathrow terminal 2 on Thursday ready for our landing at 6.25am - fingers crossed!

'Tapita' for now!

James - Thanks to the Sackville staff for the support and to Carolyn for the comments! It really has been worth all the effort with the planning to see everyone have such a good time. However, I can't deny that I'm pretty gutted to be missing the first Match of the Day this evening - if someone is able to send a detailed summary of today's matches and all the major football gossip that would be incredible! Is Cristiano Ronaldo back up front for United yet? ;) Looking forward to our much deserved rest part of the trip now, and of course sharing all of our stories when we're back. See you all soon!

From the team: 

Yo everybody, today we completed our endeavors on the project site. With an emotional farewell to the chillinganians! 

The work on site entailed the finishing touched to the house which included pointing and some painting. 

At lunch we we're joined by the Chillingani massive for our last bean fuelled lunch . We had a few hours to recover and begin our packing :( After which we headed up to the school for our project farewells. Which yet again included lots of dancing and photographs and a cheeky sing song. On our way back we had to say very emotional goodbye s to the villagers who we had formed close bonds with. 

As we arrived back at the compound we had time for a bit more packing before our 'last supper'. We are currently stargazing in the tranquility of a Malawian village (be jel)! 

See you all soon
Chloe & Deano 

A few personal notes:

Deano - missing you all, stay safe, Ella keep my bed clean! Mum missing your famous lasagna...

Conor - chezza thank you for the brownie acceptance. Dad I take it Felbridge lost. Hope Charlie had a good time in Thailand.

Nick- missing you all lots but missing Dom and meg more! Looking forward to Netflix Meg, love you

Chris - How's Ibiza lads, don't have too much fun without me, see you soon 

Phoebie- Mum don't forget to bring my phone when you pick me up and where we going next Saturday (London;)) 

Stan - Missing everyone at home and keep up with the comments! Leader of the poo crew (11 as of today;))

Erin- Too tired to write but can't wait to see you Thursday love and miss you

Chorlene- sorry I haven't replied, love you all can't wait to see you Thursday

Izzi- Dad, please bring me loads of choccy when you pick me up, miss you, see you Thursday.

Harry- cheers for the comment dad great to hear from you, can't wit for the footy tournament, love you all bucket loads, Ellie looking forward to the sweets! off safari see you all soon! 

Chloe- Hey Elu, I'm very jealous of the Chinese and I think ive had enough beans and rice for a lifetime, the toilets are not that bad and you would probably be able to get used to them! Thanks for the comments love you and miss you loads.

Off to safari tomorrow! 
In a while crocodiles!

Day 11: Leaving Chilingani

Some piccies from the team's leaving ceremony in the village today... Lots of sad goodbyes but looking forward to safari tomorrow. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Day 10: Last full day at work!

Hi everyone, today was our last full day on sight. 

Despite our aching backs and tired legs, we all tried our best and managed to finish off the plastering inside and also produced some colourful boards for the local school. 

In our break some of us played football with the children from the village while others relaxed in the sun playing some of the many card games we have learnt. Sadly our ultimate cooking legend the one and only holy queen, Ida, left us today:( but not to worry we have a new cook called Lucy. 

Thanks for all the messages, keep it coming. Lots of love the poo crew (everyone) XXX

Erin- thanks again for the comments...not. Would be nice to hear from mum (make sure its nothing too embarrassing please) also a fry up would be nice when I get back;) missing you TONS and lots of love XOX

Phoebie, same excuse all the time mum find a better one ;) more like you wanted me to get you something from the market. The list and clean sheets when I'm back would be nice :) family day out on Saturday as promised?;;) thinking chilli or Chinese nan!! Trying not to miss you but its hard not to :( can't wait to be reunited again :) best do my brownies Rosie ;;) miss and love you all loads 

Conor- mum please can you make alot of your famous brownies for everyone and some extra for on the way back, see you soon love you. P.S dad will probably get a DUCK xx

Harry- hope you guys are all getting along well! Hope you are having a great time, I really can't wait to see you all and I hope you have something sweet waiting for me at Heathrow I could really do with loads of sweets right now, congrats Ellie 😉hope you aren't in too much stress due to the texting problem, love you all loads see ya 😊xxx

Mr Attrill and Miss Hillary- we are very proud of how hard everyone is working. The students are full of energy and wonderful with the children. We are looking forward to safari. Thanks for all your support. See you soon! PS approval of connor's request above

Finally some pictures of the team at work over the last few weeks: